6 December 2014

Gift Giving Guide for Him | BLOGMAS #Day6

Like said, I now bring you the gift guide for him to help those who are looking for inspiration.
However, details and comments are not going to be as in depth as the gift guide for her as I am not a dude.
Anyhow, I've written up a list that you might find helpful that won't break the bank to find that gift for him.

American Crew Daily Duo Firm Hold Gel Gift Set
This set contains the Firm Hold Styling Gel and Daily Moisturising Shampoo.
Enriched with natural extracts, such as Vitamin B5, helps hair look thicker with added shine without weighing it down.
Normally worth £21, £14.95 does is not bad at all.   
(Get it HERE)

Beanies are in right now, and with it being winter, it is a must have! By buying him one, you definitely won't go wrong there. There are a huge range of stores that you can purchase them, such as Jack Wills and Topman. Take this one for example; only £12 - Bargain! 
 (See a range HERE)

Lego Touchplay Mini Speaker
How awesome is this? I have a bluetooth speaker that is wireless (but just like a phone, you need to charge it) for my iPhone, and think that it is amazing! Great sound quality, great charge and you can still be on your phone in a different room. The lego design makes it less 'standard' and more cooler.
For £19.99 £13.99 it is a perfect gift!
(Get it HERE)
The speakers that I have can be found HERE for just under £120.

Luckies Smartphone Projector 
This seems such a brilliant gift for those who like a movie night.
No electricity is needed, only a phone. I have also seen comments that you get a pot noodle with it. How bizarre. 
For just £17.99, it doesn't seem too expensive!
 (Get it HERE)

Everyone loves chocolate, especially on Christmas morning. You can go to your local superstore and find boxes of chocolate at reasonable princes that will definitely make any guy happy.

Please note that this is only a guide for those who are stuck finding that perfect gift. You can check out the gift guide for her HERE as well. 

That is is for today, until tomorrow,

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