8 January 2015

HELLO 2015

After a turbulent year, I am determined to make 2015 the best that I possibly can. I can't say I have ever really stuck to resolutions, but I want to make a list of things I'd like try and achieve then at the end of this year to be able to look back and see which I have managed to do. I think it's important to set goals and aims to give you something to look forward to and strive towards. It's also a fantastic feeling once you manage to accomplish something, don't you agree?
  Think more positively.
I would say that in some situations I am able to see the positive aspects but definitely not enough.I would usually think more about the negatives before the positive despite being a "glass half full" type of person. This year I need to stop letting negatives prevent me from doing things and start thinking of the positives and also start looking for the great things in sticky situations.
♥ Be the best version of you.
I like the quote as it encourages you to be the best that you can be and to surround yourself with people that bring out the best in you. It can be easy to lose yourself but I think that this quote will bring you back round and remind you just to be you and to tell anyone who prevents this to sod off! Don't be anything but yourself.

♥ Drink more water.
I can admit that I don't drink as much water as I should but this is because I am not a naturally thirsty person and it doesn't take a lot of liquid before I begin to feel sick or like I'm going to burst from the inside out. This year I am going to drink a lot more whether I drink two litres a day or just come close, it will be a big improvement.

♥ Be more organised.
I am rather useless at keeping track of homework and generally life events. However, this year has already got off to a good start as I have filled in dates etc for my blog in my blogging planner. I am also in the process of getting a 2015 diary for personal use so I can carry it around with me and continue to keep track of what's going on in order to make sure that I don't get on top of myself and stressed out with not knowing what is going on.

♥ Choose the healthier option...sometimes.
That title could have easily just been "eat healthy" but I know that I am just setting an unreasonable and unachievable goal. I simply just need to eat a bit more healthier and choose a slightly healthier option every now and then. This isn't because I am overweight, because I do believe I am skinny due to having a very speedy metabolism but I do worry sometimes that the food I eat is doing no good at all for my inside. Plus I would also like to feel healthier and happier with the way I am inside and out.

♥ Start a youtube channel
As some may know a couple of years ago, I started uploading videos to my channel but have recently either deleted or privatised the videos to start a fresh. This is not because I want to become the next big youtuber, but it will help with my blog as instead of just posting a written monthly favourite, I can switch it up a bit. Plus it will help with my confidence. :)

♥ Use my camera more for photography.
I have always had a passion for photography and for an early birthday present in August 2014 I got a DSLR camera, a Canon 70D to be exact. It was bought so I could take better photos but so far has mostly been use for my blog. Though I will still continue to use it for my blog, I will be using it mainly for photography - the reason why it was bought.

♥ Test my fear for heights.
My fear of heights is a huge problem for me however not my top feat, which is injections as even at the thought of a needle getting pushed through my skin often causes me to squirm. Despite having that as a huge phobia, I think possibly hypnotism may have to be put to the test. Anyway, as I have said, heights is my next top phobia . Over the past few years I have completed many achievements that test that such as the 100ft aerial assault course at Ratho, Go Ape! which is hundreds of feet up and also went up the Squrr which is the highest 'hill' at 1,289ft (It's practically a mountain) on the island Eigg when I visited it a couple of years ago. Despite achieving these and many other little things, I am still left feeling anxious about it and try to avoid it. As I am sick of 'being scared of heights' this year I am going to attempt to complete as many adventures that enable me to face the fear. After all, this time I am going to have to forget the "don't look down" concept as you can't face a fear without looking at it.

♥ Become more comfortable in my own skin.
I often concentrate and worry about how people view me and what they think of me which makes me feel trapped in my own skin and wish for things to be different. Such as, I wish I didn't have dyslexia or even be socially awkward (Social Anxiety) as it can take longer for someone to get to know "the real me". It also makes me a avoid situations such as a gatherings where I don't really know anyone. This is really starting to get to me so this year I am going to attempt and change this by getting on good terms with myself, my appearance, flaws and things that make me, me.
Though some of your resolutions may be to stop doing something, start stopping today. It is easy to get caught up in the thinking part but eventually we need to start doing what we said we would do. There is no time like the present, because it is always right now, therefore start heading towards completing your goal(s) right now. I know I have already.

What challenges and resolutions have you set yourself for 2015? I would love to hear.

*Please note: Only the first photo on the post does not belong to me. All the rest do.*

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  1. Hello fellow Scottish blogger :-) I definitely need to drink more water too- I have a Diet Coke addiction x
    Laura | A Life With Frills


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