24 August 2015


Like most people, music has been a HUGE part of my life and has made me who I am today. Hashtag common white girl material?

 In four days I turn 18. Which is super exciting yet overwhelming. In this #MusicMonday Special post, I will be going back about 10 years to when I actually developed my own music taste and started to leave those kids tunes and rhymes behind! 

I became quite independent from a young age (I like to think) traveling to guitar lessons on my own with my mermaid of a guitar - which was a big thing for me as a lil' kid.
(Not the best photo)
I also became independent where music was concerned. Discovering my own music taste and coming across different artists and bands on my own. God knows how, I ask my mum often how I came across some and she hasn't got a clue. But one thing I do know is that I came to find them on my own some how and I have to say myself, I'm pretty impressed. 

Today I am sharing a Spotify playlist full of songs I used to love and listen to often when I was about 7 or 8, give or take. Like I said, the playlist features songs that I listened to when I was a young child, some I came across on my own, others inspired by my mum (who is known for her tunes in the family).
From cheesy-ness such as Jonas Brothers and Vanessa Hudgens (#WCW) to dance/club type such as Cascada and The Veronicas to rapping with N-Dubz and Iconik to guilty pleasures such as Steps, my love of a musical - High School Musical and musicals from the likes of Hairspray and Grease.

 Not to forget what was 'normal' 'back in those days'; Alphabeat, The Ting Tings, The Black Kids, Mika and some great hits from Culture Club, Nik Kershaw and Seal. Oh and can't forget Dancing Queen from ABBA - the song I actually got my lucky number from (17*).

All just to name a few haha! ;-)

You can check out the full playlist below.

 I hope that you have enjoyed this weeks #MusicMonday Special. Look out for new posts when I return from my holidays! Until then you can follow me on social media such as TwitterFacebook and my personal favourite, Instagram by searching @Ka5thleen or clicking the links.

See you soon,

*Note: Hopefully this post will be up on Monday (relying on the Schedule I set) as I will be on route to my holiday destination from 4:30am till 9am therefor have limited access*

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