19 March 2016


You may remember that almost a year ago I was sent a magical product from a new brand, Saturated Colour. Little did I know that from testing out that one product, they would grow to become one of my favourite brands!

For those who are unaware, Saturated Colour is a full of life cosmetics line that focus on high quality lip products at very affordable prices. The shades of lipstick have been carefully selected so that they compliment every skin tone so that there is something for everyone.

“Colour Is Our Passion Make It Yours!”

“Saturated Colour will offer an addictive range of affordable lip products using nourishing formulations ensuring your lips 'don' highly pigmented splashes of colour that guarantee to... WOW!”. Too right! I am for sure addicted to their products and they tend to be the only lipsticks I use these days!

What really makes Saturated Colour a brand I swear by is that all their products are cruelty free, some even vegan friendly, and as a brand they are against animal testing which is something I am very strong about. 

With my growing collection of their LIPSStick's, I thought I would do a wee haul and swatch of them all for you to see yourself how pigmented, and wonderful these really are!

I like to pair the LIPSStick with the Locked Lips that I was sent to review, however, I don't think it is necessary for everyday as the staying power of the LIPSSticks are pretty good and strong (hehe)...

I have a hard decision each day choosing which one I will wear but I will say that my favourite would have to be Seductive Damson - which was the very first one I was sent and tried out! I never used to be one to go for the vivacious colours but now, it seems to be a thing for me.

You can grab your own over at SaturatedColour.com for only £7! 


  1. Wow I've never come across this brand before but love the swatches! Such pretty shades :) Melon really stands out to me for spring xx

    Jenny | Krystel Couture


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