28 April 2016


The life of a blogger is one I wouldn't trade for anything. It allows me to try new things, create new things every day, and do what I love to do. Sometimes thought, no matter how hard you try, the creative flow can sometimes get clogged up somewhere along the way to your brain. The truth is, it’s hard to be creative all the time. Sometimes you just want to push everything to the side, wish away the constant train of though, and do absolutely nothing. Being an Events Management student at university doesn't help either as sometimes your creativity is needed there.

Like most people, I have 'off' days and that’s okay. I try to do too much at once and I know that I need to get work done but if I was to relax, and just chill out for a second, that creativity will come flowing back. Sometimes that second may last longer. It has taken me days before to write a simple blogpost, but I rather that than do it in a hour or two and it be rushed and slacking. Like I have said, everybody has 'off' days. Sometimes there is simply not enough time or will to dedicate a day, or even a number of hours to using your reserve tank of originality fuel. 

I have slowly learnt that pushing through the fog to make others happy will never turn out for the best, instead it will be shoddy - the opposite of how I want to portray myself and my work.

Blogging is a way to express yourself, regardless of if you are creating it for someone else or just to let your thoughts out - much like this post. Nobody can rush you into completing something if your heart is not in it because even though it may pass as being finished, you will never feel like it’s complete.  


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