10 July 2016


Since coming out of hospital recovering from surgery, my diet has dramatically gone down hill - on doctors orders! No fruit or veg for quite a number of weeks post-opp. Most 18 year olds would be ecstatic to hear they are to avoid fruit and veg, but for me it’s a big part of my diet - especially since I am a vegetarian! 

However that’s where Lean Greens come in!  Lean Greens make it very easy and simple to incorporate the right nutrition into your diet. It’s a quick, fuss-free way to obtain the nutrients you need without the hassle of needing to use the juicer or smoothie machine. With Lean Greens all you need is just one 15g scoop of the powder and you can add it just to water or even to your smoothie in order to boost your daily intake and make it extra healthy! 
(A scoop is included but I didn't realise it till I seen it on the site, and then had to dig a little in the powder for it.)

Lean Greens gives you the following benefits:
  • getting rid of bloating 
  • helping you feel fuller for longer
  • detoxing
  • giving you a zing of natural energy 
  • giving you an instant hit of all the nutrients your body needs.

The power contains 5 grasses, 3 superfood vegetables, 2 berries, 6 digestive enzymes and 2 metabolic ingredients.

My overall opinion of Lean Greens so far is that I would not recommend just adding it to water. Not only did it look and smell bad. I really didn't think it was all that nice, in fact I poured it down the sink. HOWEVER, I have since tried it in smoothies and I much prefer it and would actually recommend Lean Greens for adding to juices and smoothies for the extra healthiness.

For £55.98 £49.99 the Lean Greens starter kit sounds pricey but it’s a very easy and simple way to get your intake. It’s easy to mix and drink, and with the shaker bottle, it’s easy to transport and with the small container with 2 compartments, it enables you to take extra powder and any tablets/fish oils that you may take during the day.

A fantastic thing about Lean Greens is that if you really don't like it, they will give you a 100% refund and they will even do so up to 60 days after your purchase. I wouldn't recommend adding it just to water, however I do like adding it to smoothies for the extra benefits! You can check out all their product here.

This is a sponsored post. All products reviewed on this page were sent/given to me complimentary from Lean GreensI only recommend products or services I try personally and believe my readers will enjoy. All opinions are my own.

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