27 January 2017


There is nothing quite as satisfying than seeing all the cosmetic residue leave your brushes as you clean all that gunk out. However, there is that chore of actually going through the process of cleaning them. If you are anything like me and you keep putting off cleaning them for as long as possible (probably for too long!), then you are going to love my latest find! 
Qwerkity is an online site that specialises in all things unusual, fun, yet practical. At the end of October they were kind enough to send me their Brush Cleaning Mat - a silicone mat that with suction pads that sticks to your bathroom surfaces and with a number of different textured areas ensuring a deep clean. 

Like I said, I received this in October when my brushes were needing a good clean then, so you can get the idea of how much of a decent clean they were begging for when I actually got to cleaning them a month later. I always end up meaning to do it but never get round to and end up using other brushes I don't like as much. If though it saved me cleaning them, then that’s what I was going to do, especially when no matter how long I would clean them for, there was always going to be product still left. However, now I can't believe how simple, easy, and quick cleaning them can be.…

The Qwekity Brush Cleaning Mat, has different textured areas each for different brushes such as eyes, face & lips. It is silicone and has wee suction pads on the bottom so stick to the side/bottom of the sink even when wet so you don't have to hold it or put up with it slipping about the place when cleaning your brushes. All that is required is dab a bit of your brush cleaner onto the mat and rub your brush in it and the mat does the rest! So simple! It probably took around a minute or so to clean the face brushes (even less for the smaller ones) and they were all left thoroughly clean as if they were brand new.

This mat is available at Qwerkity for less than a fiver! It is such a wonderful, practical product that will honestly change your brush cleaning life! 

Please note: All products reviewed on this page were sent to me complimentary from Qwerkity. I only recommend products or services I try personally and believe my readers will enjoy. All opinions are my own.

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