13 February 2017


Though we are now well into February, this is the first #MusicMonday of 2017 and what better than to kick it off with…

I Don’t Want to Be by Gavin DeGraw.

Appearing on his 20013 debut album Chariot, this song was released as a single in Australia in the same year and then in the UK in 2004. This single of his became his biggest
hit to date, mainly due to the song being the opening theme song of One Tree Hill. Which is the newest series I have just started this year. Yep. Slightly behind a little.

Having sold over 2,000,000 paid downloads, this song is certified 2x Platinum and is DeGraw’s only single to enter into the UK Top 40. In 2012 the song re-entered the UK charts reaching 27 due to the finale of One Tree Hill’s 9th and final season airing which featured DeGraw. (When I said I was slightly behind in getting into this series, I wasn't kidding).

When asked what inspired him to write the song, DeGraw’s replied;
"That song was heavily influenced by the identity crisis right now that exists amongst youth. It's almost like you can go into any town in the country and the kids don't necessarily have an identity of their own; it's like whatever is on television is who they are.

I noticed that for myself on the road traveling a lot. When I go from state to state and city to city, I see the same sort of homogenisation that happens. There's this fast food chain and this soda company, and it's hard for any place to have identity and that's the same thing that's happening among the people in those towns, especially among youth. They don't have an identity of their own anymore.

It used to be that maybe there was a kid who lived in X neighbourhood and was some sort of character which made that neighbourhood unique and that was very cool and if you went to different neighbourhoods there were different characters that gave the scene some local flavour. And now you go there and it is not that, it was whatever they are watching on television and it's really aggravating.”

(Video above is only available on some platforms so click here to access it if it isn't showing)

I hope you enjoy this weeks #MusicMonday song choice and even though it’s an oldie, there’s more great songs to come throughout this year! And just out of curiosity, have you watched One Tree Hill

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