16 October 2018


Yeah, on the surface ASMR videos are totally weird. Whispering, caressing pages of a book, sweeping makeup brushes against a microphone, slow hand movements as if they were stroking your face; all that plus more. If you don't understand what ASMR is or the feeling it brings, these kind of videos will just seem very awkward and creepy. If that happens to be the case I highly recommend that you read my latest post on the topic, ASMR & Brain Orgasms : Why people love it, first then come back here with an open mind.

It’s completely okay if you don't enjoy ASMR triggering videos, it's expected as it’s only a small minority who have ASMR. For those who don't get it or are just coming across it now, don't be quick to judge. The videos may seem weird, strange and unusual to you, but that might just be the thing that helped someone else overcome a serious panic attack or helped them to get five hours of sleep when they would usually struggle getting two.

ASMR helps me when I’m feeling anxious or really stressed - sometime over the littlest things. It has helped me to relax and even drift off to sleep at times where it has felt impossible. It has helped me as much as anybody else could right now, and I am very grateful to the ASMR community. In return I feel like I could try and do it myself, and hopefully I can help out a few people in ways ASMR has helped me. So sit back and relax... relax… relax….

Here's 17 triggers for one hour. Including brushing, tapping and scratching, page turning, tape scrunching and net pressing - there’s even bubble wrap, cling film (which could possibly be my new favourite!) and dog petting.

(The video above may not show on all platforms, click here to watch.)

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